TOM Brands

We started our business path with the TOM brand, firstly creating TOM CAKE, which mission was selling pastry and biscuits.  In that time, our products were the answer to the national market’s needs, once the market supply was low for the cake business.

When we decided to internationalize our business, we brought with us our brand that is still the leader in the markets that we conquered and keep working with.

With the acquired experience in the markets that we worked with, we realised that Dairy Products would be an advantage to become a well-known brand and, start launching one of our most unique products, a yoghurt that can be preserved at room temperature. As a result, emerged TOM MILK, which provides a diversified range of dairy products, such as yoghurts, milk and others.

In relation to Tom Food, this represents an expansion of new TOM brands.

The word TOM is present in all our brands, and it comes from its  creator, it comes from its creator, António Pereira, once TOM is a nick name of que original name António.